First in the Family

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Have you ever dreamed of being the first in your family to do something? When I realized it was up to me to change the generations after me, my only option was to invest all my time. Could you imagine being the one who provided for your entire family? First in the Family is a therapy session. Have you ever been taught how to use your past to recreate your future? Do you know how to use your thoughts to manifest your reality? As a young adolescent, life seemed to be difficult. Nothing ever translated to success. Failure ruled over me. Do you know what it is like to fail repeatedly, after investing countless hours? For many years, I searched for signs, made adjustments but time and time again; I came up short. The day we find our passion two things happen. We die, then we are reborn with a purpose. Have you found your purpose? During my junior year of college, I died, only to come back to life with purpose, passion, and direction. First came the vision, then came my passion. Passion led me to purpose. Without passion, our job can never be our dream. Each day we spend working in a position that is hated, that is the equivalent of living in Hell. When something is done through love, it can be felt, not only miles away, but generations after. I am the first person in my family to finish college, but that was just one step, the bottom step. I am aligned towards something more significant. First in the Family is more than just a story about overcoming the struggles of a drug-addicted, absent father. It is more than just a story about witnessing a struggling single mother. First in the Family is a story about you. The message symbolizes faith, wisdom, and rebirth. In a four-year time span, I acquired a Real Estate license in Michigan, a Personal Training Certification, a B.A. in psychology, reconnected with my absent father after 21 years, then launched my first business. If you don't aim too high, are you aiming too low? When you become the First in your Family to achieve something, it shows the power of belief. Are you ready to elevate your mind and reach your potential?