Sample Consultation

Sample Consultation

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*Appointments only to be made for one hour on the same day*

*Only available Sunday - Wednesday, 6 am - 2 pm.* 

* 21-day window. 7 days from your current day and up to 2 weeks is open for scheduling* 

I am an expert in psychology, writing, sales, marketing, and influence. There are two different options to choose from, Branding Consultation or Book Consultation. I have helped business owners recreate their brand and increase sales. I have transformed athletes social presence, helping them generate more streams of income. I have also written and published multiple books. My services provide you with a descriptive market analysis for the field you are currently in. Through video calls, emails and documents we will strategize various solutions. The methods I share with you are science-based tactics. Big name companies hire people like me, who are experts in their field, psychology, and help them expand their influence. Many of the tactics that are hidden from the masses will be revealed to you, placing you in a position of power. My objective is to help brands, public figures and companies successfully grow their business and increase sales. Together we will implement strategies, recreate your image and improve all forms of marketing using scientific strategies. All appointments will take place through video calls, followed up by documentation, recordings, and videos. The first consultation is free. All sessions last for one hour.