The Trillion Dollar Route

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Could you imagine starting life at level 100 instead of level 0? If you found your way to this book, then you have found everything you did not know you needed. When generational wealth is mentioned, it never comes from home or school. How do you find something if you don’t know where to look? More importantly, how do you find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for? 

In 2019, I began to use my knowledge in psychology to capture attention online and grow a following. After growing a following, I went to CDL school and started driving semi-trucks across the country. In the beginning, I did not know what it would lead to, but a few months after starting, I began finding more information. The information led me to building a million-dollar business, growing a YouTube channel, and creating a worldwide brand. 

Throughout this book, you will learn the science of marketing, branding advertising and the power of understanding psychology. Beyond the psychological expertise, you will receive a business formula that will transform your financial trajectory. The difference between The Trillion Dollar Route is the combination of finance, business, psychology and personal development. My life changed after the pandemic, which this will highlight. Many people doubted my decision to pursue psychology, trucking and writing. 

There was always a bigger picture and every year I have found ways to innovate. In 2019, I quit my day job and bet on myself after creating The Rare Few. Once I began to grow an audience online, I discovered the transportation and logistics industry. I was unsure of what was going to happen, but my intuition led me to discovering timeless information that has generated millions and inspired thousands. Now, after years of experience, I have a story. In addition to the story, there is timeless information and wisdom to offer you. 

The Trillion Dollar Route will open your mind to the world of social media, transportation, business and finance. I will combine these categories, through strategic storytelling to demonstrate the parallelism between success and science. The meaning of the name emphasizes shooting for the stars. I may not be the one to reach Trillionaire status, but planting the seed for the person after me is enough. Those who begin this route will no longer have to start life at level 0. 

The Trillion Dollar Route is a blueprint to wealth and psychology. By consuming this information, you will enhance your financial literacy, understanding of society and learn how to grow a generational business, no matter the industry. The seed has been planted. Once the process is initiated, time, action, and reflection will naturally produce your dream reality.