Two Brains in One

Internal Power

As a human being, on this earth, you hold a power that is not available to another species. With this power, you have the ability to take command of your reality and manifest any desire that grows within you. This is the power to influence your subconscious mind.

Have you ever looked at your mind from the perspective of a director and order taker? Your conscious mind is the mind that you are aware of. Your subconscious mind is the mind that you are blind too. We, humans, are not taught the truth. We have an internal power that is only available to Man. Sadly, we are not taught how to take advantage of this power and reprogram our subconscious mind, which is responsible for the outside reality that we see.

There are people who live life unaware of how either operates. The potential that comes from understanding how to control your mind is limitless. You are consciously reading this passage, internalizing everything, but the deeper message is connecting with your subconscious. Becoming apart of The Rare Few requires a different state of mind. A state of mind that understands the laws of life and the universe.

True Understanding

With life, nothing is for certain. You can plan. You can pray. You can believe, but all it takes is one experience. One experience is enough to change the direction of your life, either negatively or positively. With the universe, you must understand that time and energy are the key ingredients to manifesting any vision.

There will be times where there is not a sure path to take. Times where you want to give something everything you have, but don't know exactly what. Times where your mental world does not match your physical world. That is why understanding this power is so life-changing. The power comes when an individual understands how to operate the two minds.

Awakening in Life

That is when an awakening will occur. The conscious mind can be used to influence the subconscious mind. If you invest the proper amount of energy, for the proper amount of time, the task at hand will be implanted in the subconscious mind. When a skill is embedded within the subconscious mind it becomes automatic, allowing the individual to focus on deeper aspects of the task at hand. It is sometimes mistaken, causing individuals to believe the conscious, attention focused mind is the ruler, but it is not.

A key to reaching excellence is embedding a particular skill within your subconscious so that it transforms you, literally becoming apart of you and your nervous system. You are now aware of the two minds. You now have knowledge. Knowledge is power. Apply this and use it to improve at whatever you are passionate about!


  • Truly inspired changes will happen very soon for myself

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  • Outstanding bro. Awaking is they key to life.

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