The Most Powerful Phrase in English!

What blows my mind is the lack of emphasis people place on words and their power. The most powerful phrase in the English language is "I am." When you use those two words together it commands your mind, body, and spirit. Your reality will conform to whatever you believe yourself to be.

How you speak about yourself will dictate your wealth. It may not be visible immediately, which is why faith is important. The words you use on a daily basis influence your future. There is a science to using phrases to increase confidence and reduce anxiety. These phrases are known as affirmations, but how can they help you? 

Research has suggested that affirmations have a large influence on the human subconscious mind. Phrases that are repeated often sink into the mind. Repetition allows humans to program themselves like computers. In other words, you can program your mind for success, through powerful affirmations. This happens because those beliefs, sink into the subconscious mind and affect the behavior, actions, and reactions of the individual. The use of affirmations can greatly change the direction of your life. 

The knowledge that institutions provide us with cannot always be applied to life. When will you ever need to do a calculus problem outside of school? The Rare Few puts people in the driver seat of their thoughts. You will be forced to think. You will be asked to retrieve, but that will not benefit you unless action is taken. You must take action and create new experiences. Experiences are life's greatest teacher. In other words, without taking risks, growth will never occur, which is why I am here, acting on a plan that was first devised over a year ago.

The phrase "I am" attached to a trait will literally make you become that. Begin to think of phrases that you can repeat daily. The first step to achieving success is understanding, then controlling your mind. 


  • “Experiences are life’s greatest teacher , without risks growth will never occur “ -🐐💯💯

  • Extraordinary! I began learning about the power of our words, positive affirmations, & reprogramming of the subconscious mind a little over a year ago.. the way that my life has transformed since is almost unbelievable to think about, especially when I try to view things from the lens in which I once used to view life. It’s amazing that you are sharing this information with others. It’s almost forbidden knowledge, given that we are taught some of these things. Continue to share!

  • Such a powerful and edifying article

    -Eugene G.
  • Thank you for the knowledge, everything you talk about is always so deep.

    Ryan B.

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