Self-programming 101

This month there will be a short free eBook available called self-programming 101. Book will be digital and compatible with all devices. People will receive valuable information for no money. The point of this is to give back value to promote longevity and loyalty. By changing one life, you change the world. 

This guide will give you a step by step method to remove error and increase odds. Humans are much like computers, but more complex. Humans have emotions, memories, and thoughts. The comparison comes into play when you dissect the brain. Computers are programmed to operate in a certain way. There is no option to choose. 

Humans have an option to make decisions, but most of the time, that idea of choice is just an illusion. Every individual who comes into this world is born and conditioned in a particular environment. Environment, the media, and education have a programming effect on the mind, which influences beliefs and habits. Many people believe they are deciding in the present time, but the decision was predetermined by what was allowed in the subconscious mind. 

Self-programming 101 is a simple method that can be used to take control of your mind. You will learn 8 essential steps necessary for success. The beauty of science is that it reveals equations that can be applied repeatedly and in different areas of life. We are all programmed to operate a certain way, depending on our environmental conditions throughout life. What Self-programming 101 will allow you to control the wiring of your mind. That will create an opportunity to self-program your mind for success, which will lead to a materialization of results in the outside world.

The book will be for free, for a period of time.  


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