Science of Goal Setting

The science of setting a goal is a secret known by elite athletes, successful businessmen, and other high-level achievers. The psychology behind setting a goal forces your mind to narrow its focus. A narrowed focus creates short-term and long-term motivation. This mimics a snowball effect, which activates the law of attraction.  

Once goals are set it will attract experiences and people that help you acquire the knowledge necessary to accomplish your goal. As your knowledge increases, it will help you organize your resources, which will translate into power. Knowledge is only power when it is organized and applied to create experiences.

Setting goals also allows you to measure your progress. Being able to see progress and rewards increases confidence. This will also enable you to see the stages of completion leading to the actual manifestation of your goals. The feeling of hopelessness will be eliminated as progress is tracked. The more aware you become of your journey, the simpler it will be to accomplish goals.

The basics of goal settings will involve making a decision. Decide what you want to accomplish. Once you have a clear idea of the large goal, figure out how it can be deduced down to smalled goals. As you go through this process, write everything down for even more direction. Making a goal is only one aspect. When you write that same goal down it increases the odds achieved the goal. 

Many people have goals, few people accomplish their goals. The reason is because the minimum effort is invested. If you follow these simple steps it will increase your odds of success even more. 


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  • This is free knowledge worth hundreds! An exact formula to achieving your goals straight from the man himself! So helpful, I’ll be keeping updated with your blog posts from now on!

    Joel Stavenuiter

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