Unlock Your Sixth Sense

The Future

The most astounding fact about what will take place is that I wrote it before it has even happened. My words have energy. My message will travel through generations. People ask me why did I choose a path with so much writing.

They talk about how boring the craft is. They talk about the difficulty to survive by it. They talk about the craft as if, it is not a craft. My only rebuttal to everyone who questions doubts or worries; all the possible outcomes have been weighed.

Committing to a journey requires unwavering faith. Whether my situation is great, whether my situation is awful, my faith remains the same. It is possible that some of my experiences may be undesirable, but those scenarios don’t deter me, but instead motivate me.

Endless Possibilities

The possibility of this vision manifesting enticed me more than the fear of failing. People tend to have a difficult time comprehending what they can't see. The secret to the universe is seeing life in frequency and energy. In the beginning it will be difficult for some to understand, but we are all living in this world blind. Allow me to explain  

As human beings, we only have access to five senses and if we are lucky we unlock the sixth one. Five senses is what we are given, to operate within this world. There are people living today that haven't sat to think about the fact; to live in this world is to do so blindly.

Millions of things could be happening around me, but not detectable with my five senses. In other words, there is a type of faith needed to not only, exist, but to succeed in the world. Some see with their eyes, but what about those who see with their heart? Does seeing with your heart give people the ability to see the invisible?

Eternal Power

Words and I seem to be one. When I write, directly from my heart, passion flows. Writing activates my imagination. An active imagination provides powers of seeing ahead of your current moment. My path involves writing because I must make my imprint on the world.

I can die, but my words can live forever. The power of words goes far beyond the imagination. Words inspire and influence generations that are not yet existing. Words paint pictures in the minds of other people. Prosperity requires giving. Giving people inspiration also works with the universal law of returns.

When someone promotes positivity and inspiration others will elicit the same energy. Inspiration has, acting as an energy, power. When a person is inspired there is often a sense of time alteration. In other words, times seems to slow down or speed up.

Journey to Greatness

When I am inspired, my senses are amplified, enabling me to access a different sense that remains hidden from most. There are a rare few of people with access. Inspiration has, awakened my sixth sense, given me a capacity to foresee events. Are you understanding?

This is the beginning of my journey and anyone who finds their way to me will, be intrigued, compelled, following my journey to the top. I am a master of psychology, with a passion for writing and telling stories.

When you set out to do something, once you begin, there is no turning back. I will not stop. I can dedicate my entire life to writing, improving every single day. Writing has, enhancing my perspectives, unlocked my mind. Not everyone has the ability to explain thoughts and document their vision with precision. People will follow me on this journey because I know exactly what I need to do to get where I am going.

To get results you never had, you must do things you have never done. I am doing something I have never done, and soon blessings will begin to manifest. When this chapter of my life is complete, I will be able to come back to these words and see that I gave everything that I had. You are now apart of this legendary story!


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