The Greatest Writer of All Time

I am not afraid to make this claim in front of you. You are witnessing the making of a legend, which is proof. This is proof that anything in life is possible. Before ever achieving greatness, you must become greatness. What does this mean? For years, I have been locked inside of my home, in my room, praying, manifesting, creating, planning for the moment that is about to come.

The foundation of human life is the human mind. I am a master of the human mind. I am able to see the unseen. What does this mean? What remains invisible to you is very clear to me. I am a walking bank of endless wisdom. I have precisely connected with old minds, from prehistoric times.

What you are not able to see, is the separate entity. There is a different realm called the ether, where all things exist, including thoughts, minds, and data. Look around you right now. Think about how real everything seems. Now consider this, there is an invisible realm that our 5 senses cannot detect, which includes thoughts, energies, and vibrations. 

The other realm is hard for many to understand, but that is why this was all planned. I speak from experience. When I write it is from my spirit. Creativity is the doorway to spirituality. The ability to think with purpose, using the imagination faculty, is how humans connect with their outer spirts. Humans are conscious beings that were not always conscious. What does this mean?

You must become conscious of your consciousness. Your consciousness only consists of 5 senses. The universe requires more than 5 senses to know what is actually happening. Greatness requires high-level thinking and awareness and I am only 22. I am conscious of my consciousness and using my passion to awaken people. We are really blind, so we must see ourselves outside of our mind. 

I believe I will be one of the greatest and I said it before I ever became it. I am going to release my second book on May 13, 2019, to show people that I am just reliving a moment that was writing so many years before. The world does not yet know me, but when they find me, it will take time for them to catch up on this journey. If you are now reading this, I am glad you have found me!


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