College Graduation Day

The Beginning

Welcome to my first blog post. Four years ago, I could not imagine being here. Not just here, talking to you, but here, walking across this stage. Today, I graduate from Oakland University. Today, a new journey begins. What makes this moment surreal is the amount of time I have been planning. I documented my future, years before it happened.

As I stand on this stage, thoughts begin pouring. You and I met, long before we ever met. In other words, creating the future before it happens has a significant influence, on the events experienced after. Some students are in college because they want to find a good job. Others are in college because they believe it dictates success. My motivation for attending Oakland University was different. There was an opportunity for me to change the generations that succeed me. If you are wondering, I am the first in my family to acquire a college diploma. A single mother raised me. She struggled throughout school. My father was absent since the beginning. He was a slave to the system; jail and drugs ruled his life for multiple decades.

The Goal

When people ask me what I want to do with my diploma, the response is always nothing. Their reaction is amusing. The reason people don't understand is due to what they are unable to see. I have a vision. Time will manifest this vision. For me, working an average job was never the goal. The goal has always been to turn my passion into profit. 

For the past four years, I have been working behind closed doors. As I travel on this journey, more of my vision continues to manifest. The biggest roadblock was figuring out the next step. In other words, most of my past experiences are just a result of trial and error. When you apply knowledge to experiences, wisdom is the result. As a result of acquiring wisdom, things that were once invisible are now noticeable. 

Today is the day. Today is the day I realize what step needs to be taken. When something is destined, there is nothing that can prevent its manifestation. As I look back, many things point to this path. It all started after graduating high school. Nothing went as planned. Failure became common. The more I failed, the stronger the fire within grew. 

During my first year of college, I began to self-educate. Through videos and books, I learned how to enhance my perspectives on life situations. I learned how successful people operate, which has motivated many decisions leading up to now. By my second year of college, I had enough money to take a Real Estate Licensing course. Four weeks after passing the state exam, I joined a large team in Michigan. Through this experience, I learned the game of Real Estate. I now understand how to buy, sell and invest in Real Estate.

The Shift

Once I stepped away from the team, I wanted to learn about other topics. My focus began to shift to psychology, exercise science, marketing, stocks, language, and leadership. In my quest for knowledge, there have been many discoveries. These teachings are allowing me to see years ahead of the moment that I am physically experiencing, which is what brings me here, to the day I walk across this college stage and make my mother proud. I am graduating from Oakland University because it is making my mother proud. She wasn't able to go to college, so she provided a way for me. 

This is my first blog post. My goal is to document my journey to becoming an Independent Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Through my words, wisdom will come about. What my journey has taught me is not to fall victim to the illusion. Society has a way of creating an illusion inside of our minds. We have a way of losing touch with who we are deep down, the older we become. When I look around, there are many people on a path, only being taken further away from who they truly are. After creating this blog, many people questioned my reasoning, which leaves me here.

When you are going to a place that many never make it too, doubts will enter. Doubts will appear in various ways. People will be the most common form. Doubts have a way of, like a masked man, disguising themselves. People will enter your life. People will act as a support system, but they will be your biggest doubters. Those people are the most dangerous form. Doubts deteriorate your vision, working as a piousness venom. Once doubts enter, day by day, they will eat away at the beautiful vision you created.

The Conclusion

As I stand on this stage, my heart is racing because this is my new beginning. This is my death and my birth, all at the same moment. Finding your passion is not always an easy thing to do. It takes time and faith. My four years throughout college were not pleasant. I was forced, by an outside force, to do something I hated. Now that my time has come to an end; I appreciate the experience. It has contributed to this new beginning. This new beginning of taking a passion, writing, and building an empire, a brand. I want to welcome you The Rare Few! 



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