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Is There a Difference?

There are many courses surfacing the internet. If you go to google it will direct you to a million courses that are made by people all around the world. What makes the Brandology Course: Science of Consumer Seduction different? There is not much words can do to sell this course so allow me to ask you a few questions?

Have you ever thought about why there's sort of a monopoly by big brands in society? What if I told you there was information in this course that you are not taught anywhere, but can change your thinking process overnight. Have you ever heard of "change your thoughts, change your life?" 

Many people are going to read this, convincing themselves that this does not apply to them, but here is something you don't know. Before you were born, brands began conditioning your mind. How? For half a decade I have been studying the human mind intensely.  Do you still wear the same brands as an adult that you did as a kid? Anyone that is living on this earth can benefit from this course. Why? Brands control us. Brands control society. Look around you right now. 

Face the Fact

We are all CONSUMERS. What brands do you see? What brands are you wearing? What if I told you the rise of Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, McDonald's and every other big brand was not because of luck, but strategy? What if I told you that celebrities were also brands, but personal brands and their rise was not luck either? Did you know that psychology is the study of the mind and the mind is what controls you?

The point that I am trying to make is that every big name company pay people experts in their field, psychology or sociology, to reveal secrets to the mind. The mind can be manipulated if the correct mechanisms are triggered. Whether you are trying to build a brand or want to understand more about brands this course will unlock a different dimension of your mind. 

Powerful Tool

My goal is not promising people a way to make millions of dollars overnight. My goal is to provide people with a scientific strategy that was built upon a universal blueprint. Understanding what is going on behind the scenes gives you control of what appears in front of the screen. I was able to grow 11,000 followers on Instagram in less than two months and sell hundreds of copies of my first book, First in the Family, with this scientific blueprint. 

My goal is not to sell people a product that is not good to make money. My goal is to use my gift to inspire, communicate and lead to help lead people in the correct direction. The pre-sale of this course will be on March 1, 2019. This course will serve as a powerful tool and can only work if applied correctly. I want to show loyalty to the first 10 people by giving the half off the original price. The course will be open for a 12 hour period and will NOT stay open any longer. The first 10 people who join are the only ones who will receive the discount. The course will be available until March 14, 2019, but at the original price, with an enrollment LIMIT of 15. 


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