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New Journey

On January 12, 2019, I am making Volume 1 of First in the Family, my first book ever, available. I am releasing a book that will help people unlock their mind, find their passion and reach their potential. The information provided is sacred. Everyone does not deserve to find this story. Volume 1 is 50 copies, which will symbolize something powerful about time. 

I am 22 years old. I have a vision. I have a plan. There is a passion within me that makes me want to achieve something that only the greats do. I have always promised myself that I would be the greatest at whatever I decided to do. I am deciding to be a writer, entrepreneur, and influencer so I will find a way to be the greatest at it.  

As time elapses people will find their way to me. My words are going to reach and inspire people whom I have never met. Volume one is legendary. The first 50 copies will one day be worth thousands or even millions. Each copy will be signed, with the number out of 50, accompanied by a handwritten note to the person who buys it.

Books replicate real estate, in the sense that they appreciate in value over time. I have written the most inspiring book of 2019. I have inspired generations after me. The first 50 people who buy this book, can say they were a part of something legendary. I am in the process of changing lives. My wisdom, expertise, and specialty prepared me to take this path. 

I am only 22 years old, but I have a story that needs to be heard. I am only 22 years old, I am in the process of changing many lives. When I received this vision several years ago, I had no idea what events would occur. Many signs have led me in this direction so there is no choice, but for me to follow this path. I am at the beginning of my journey to Mastery and you have the chance to become a part of it. 


  • I’m sure going to be part of those who can say they were a part of something special. It is really amazing to know that you are in the process of changing lives. A lot of people would definitely be touched.

    Alicia Key
  • Your words are already reaching and inspiring people. If no one has told you, I will. I’m really inspired by your words and your determination to make it is really motivating.

    Alice Brely
  • In this life, I’ve learnt that doing things that you have set your mind to do really makes a whole lot of difference. No need waiting for someone or something to make a break for you. Doing your things with or without support as long as you are on the right track is the best way to go.

    Juliet Emmanuel
  • I’ve read your other post and honestly, I must say that I’m deeply motivated to do stuff now without looking out for validation or whatever.

  • This is a great way for you to start and I’m very sure you will go far with your books and a lot of people would definitely enjoy the value you’ll share with them.


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