This is my Story

Awakening of Purpose

Birth of Vision

How do you generate attention, when there are millions of other humans trying to do the same thing as you? Creating something that has not been done yet is rare. Many of the things that dominate society, today, is a recreation of something from the past. In other words, ideas from the past, recreate ideas of the future. When I created The Rare Few, it was difficult to understand what direction to take. I want to be great. I will accomplish the impossible. 

It is 2019. The internet, social media, has taken society by storm. Take a look around; wherever you go, there will be humans, glued to their phone. Life awaits me. Everything that I envision for the future appears to be attainable. For so long, I contemplated. How can you take something that has been done before and generate something unique? There are various directions for me, but only one seems clear.

College Influence

When I began college, I thought it would give me the essential keys to success. Society places much emphasis on higher education. It seems like it is the only way to reach high levels. College is a journey, a long journey, which is accompanied by much mental stress. Over 40 percent of college students experience anxiety.

Along with anxiety over 35 percent of college students are depressed. Once in college, many begin to realize that it is not that great of a financial investment. My college journey came to an end nearly three weeks ago. In the coming weeks, I am beginning my career as an Independent Author, Online Influencer and Entrepreneur. No one in my family graduated from college. I am the first. 

My first year in college was rough. It was my wake up call. Would I be able to make it out? Every day I began to ask myself that question. I tried to drop out. My mother did not support the decision. We then had a deep conversation. College was no longer about finding a means to success but completing something that I had already begun. If you start something, you must finish! If you turn back once, you will turn back twice. In other words, the habits you develop in one area of life transition to other scenarios in your future. 

No one in my family has completed college. I received an opportunity to change the succeeding generations. When I began The Rare Few, my focus was in various place. My ideas were not structured. It was difficult trying to come up with a key focus. 

The current age is heavily influenced by social media. Trying to, start a brand and business is something that many have tried. It is something that many have failed. In the beginning, there is a possibility that doubt will exist. In the beginning, you may not know how to separate from the general dreamers; people that wish, but never take action.

How can you be different? How can you create something of your own? How can you take an idea, used in the past and make it new in the future? These are questions that I asked myself on the daily. That is how I came up with The Rare Few. That is how the brand was born.

Death and Birth

What if birth and death are one of the same? In other words, the birth of me was also the death of me, vice versa. The death of me was the birth of me. The day I discovered my gift, my only option was, maximizing the talent. Writing is an art form. Words create pictures in the minds of others. Pictures evoke certain emotions, which bond, you, the reader and the writer at a deep, subconscious level.


I entered college thinking that I would graduate with a degree in computer science, only to get hired by a company. Four years later, I am beginning my career. I graduated with a degree in Psychology and a desire to, not only connect with minds all over the world but lives that have not yet lived. Everyone has their own story. Everyone has some gift within. Writing is my gift within. My story will inspire millions to live their truth. 

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