The Story of Dubai

I am only 22 years old, but I am in the process of doing something that no one around me has ever done. There is a transformation happening, not only in my reality but mind, overnight. Three months ago I was at a desk, trying to figure out what my next chapter in life would consist of. What if I told you that we were destined to connect? 

I am about to risk everything, by moving out of my country. My degree is in Psychology, so that gives me a unique perspective on life. I thought that it would be interesting to show people what happens when you expand your perception. What if I told you that the only reality is perception? What if I told you it was possible to achieve a peace of mind at any age?

On February 13, I officially made my first book, First in the Family available. As of now, I have sold over 200 copies worldwide, on my own. A few weeks ago, I revealed to people that I would be moving to Dubai and the immediate response was why? What if I told you that dreams are real and reality is false? What if I told you that you could quit your job today and travel the world, inspiring lives? 

The first thing that I am going to share with you is the purpose of this move, story and how finding was meant to be. The average 22-year-old has never been to Dubai. The average 22-year-old does not graduate college debt free, then release a personal development book weeks later. I want to show you, that it is possible to live out your dreams. I want people to be able to live life through me, receiving inspiration to achieve great things.

This will be a blog series that uses story to walk you through the entire journey. What it is like to move out of the country at 22 years old after graduating from college and launching a business? It is rare to meet someone that is in the beginning stages of their process, but here we are, connecting through words, in different time periods. In Dubai, my goal is to build my online following, expand my market, find self-motivated students for my courses and plan for releasing my second book, The Ancient Key: A Hidden Secret to Life. I am showing people who I am in the beginning so they know that it doesn't require luck, but rather faith. Strong faith, backed by desire is the first key. 


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  • Please release more of the Ancient Key books, I cannot find any site selling them. I would love to read your content I just ordered The first in the family book.

  • I am 16 years old and I love all your messages/lessons. Keep speaking the truth champ 👏🏾 Look forward to reading about your journey, I know your gonna make it Big!

  • You’re woke my friend. We need to show people what life truly is. The essence of our magical existence. Then we can truly evolve…

    You’re a huge part of that journey.

    Adrian P
  • The complex thoughts is the reality ! I swear I can relate to everything yu said within ur book

    Samuel Nash

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